A manufacturer of specialized grinding equipment always meeting the needs of its customers, dedicating itself to machine any material, no matter how difficult.


Offering the discernment in grinding that comes from more than 50 years of experience. We have never refused a technical request from any of our customers.

Putting the skill and know-how of an artisan into a specialized machine

Nearly all the specialized equipment offered by Hikari is manufactured one unit at a time, which means that it takes on the challenge of high-level technical innovation, every day, for each machine ordered. Hikari has nurtured technological expertise and know-how for over 50 years by responding to the stringent demands of its majorcorporation customers, and has earned the reputation that "both work precision and productivity will improve if Hikari equipment is used." It is also extremely proud of the fact of its response to every technical request from customers.

Hikari's specialty is grinding difficult-to-machine, hard and brittle materials under optimal conditions, such as tungsten carbide tools or quartz glass. First it studies and understands the characteristics of the material and then, after carefully ascertaining the processing points for grinding, uses its NC interface technology to fully automate process to high levels of accuracy. Each Hikari specialized machine is packed with technology, skill and know-how that have been gleaned through responding to tough requests, and also includes the experience gained in developing complex grinding machines capable of operating on up to eight axes.

The cutting and grinding of items leads the way to the future for the art of manufacturing

"Vision Smart Setter 100" and "Bit Blade Grinder" are the company's new products that embody Hikari's high technological ability and wealth of know-how. "Vision Smart Setter 100" controls the positioning of the processing point by using image data processing and robots, enabling an around the clock operation with full automation at the factory. Its outstanding process accuracy and speed are as good as the work done by a human engineer. The eight axes of the "Bit Blade Grinder" allow an advanced processing of blade that only elderly experienced engineers can achieve now.

In addition to the Diamond Tool Grinder, which is highly competitive with equipment offered by leading European manufacturers, Hikari Kikai has been successful in developing NC machines that are unique to this industry. Designing equipment such as this requires experienced craftsmen, a special tenacity, refined senses of touch and sight, a deep understanding and know-how and an exhaustive knowledge of the special characteristics of the materials being worked on. A feature of this company is that it has its own machine tool department, as well as a mass-production factory for tungsten carbide, steel and CBN cutting tools. This allows it to install and use the machines it has designed and then evaluate their cutting and grinding performance so as to enhance them through feedback within the company. Many of the machines that have been created this way have earned a position as key equipment in a wide range of fields. This unique system and cutting-edge technology will continue to give shape to machines unlike any other. The value of Hikari can be demonstrated by the many "first-in-the world" machines it has created.

Cutting, grinding and polishing items are an indispensable part of the art of manufacturing. This is especially true of the grinding process, as the work of its machines determines the final precision. Hikari Kikai Seisakusho wants to be one of the companies to shape the future of the high level of the art of manufacturing in Japan.

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Company Profile

Company name
Head Office
8-1 Nakano, Ishinden, Tsu, Mie 514-0112 Japan
Keiko Nishioka
40 million yen
955 million yen (FY to April 2004)
Business lines
Manufacture of various specialized grinding machines and cutting tools including indexable inserts and drills
Unique products, leading technologies, and (domestic) market product share
Electrolytic roll grinding machines, 60% (No. 1 share).
Grinding machines for carbide cutting tools (including NC double disc grinding machine, single disc grinding machine, brush honing machine, NC chip breakers and radius grinder), 50% or more (No. 1 share of this product category).

(All information and data are as of May 2005.)