The Nagoya Region, located roughly at the center of Japan and facing the Pacific Ocean, has long been renowned for its superior manufacturing capabilities, holding the top position in Japan for a quarter of a century in the shipping of manufactured goods.

Companies in the Nagoya Region are able to create new products and new technologies, as well as evolve them, in response to the demands of the times. From a historical perspective, it can be said that those in the Region have the DNA for "creating and manufacturing."

In the Nagoya Region there are some 80,000 manufacturers, 99% of which are small and medium-size businesses. Of these, many have achieved global standards in terms of technology and product quality, though they have not yet built high brand-name recognition in the world.

In 2002 the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched a three-year project called "MADE IN NAGOYA" with the aim of introducing to the rest of Japan and abroad representative small and medium-size companies of the Nagoya Region, which have made constant efforts to make our unique and top-notch technologies available to all the world.

We are proud to introduce the 41 companies as the winners of the "MADE IN NAGOYA" Award from 2002 to 2004 in this brochure. They leads the manufacturing industry in Japan as well as acts as our reliable business colleagues.
(We temporarily suspend the award as of 2005.)

The Nagoya Region has the very essence of "creating and manufacturing": unique, difficult-to-mimic technologies and business models, high market shares in specific fields and products, and a proud heritage of expertise - all of which can be optimized only by integrating a diversity of industries in one region.

We are sure that the Nagoya Region's small and medium-size companies' wealth of ingenuity and innovation will meet all your needs in terms of "creating and manufacturing." Please take this opportunity to find your ideal business partners.

Sokichi Minoura
Sokichi Minoura
Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

(All information and data are as of May 2005.)