World's best technology to reach the ultra precision micro space where nobody could have ever experienced.


Our goal is simple - customer satisfaction. To attain this, we must remain a step ahead of each customer and prepare a higher level of precision than they request.

Nagase, realizing the world's No. 1 processing precision

Nagase Integrex is located in Mugegawa (the northern part of greater Nagoya), an area rich in natural beauty. It is a small company of 99 employees, but is No. 1 in the world in the field of ultra-precision micro machining equipment.

More functions are now being required in products in every field including the automotive, electrical, electronic, semiconductor, optics, medical equipment and manufacturing equipment, as trends toward high performance, high precision and high integration rapidly move forward. The performance of many of the parts in these products can be effected by a distortion of as little as one micrometer, an amount that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Therefore, the equipment that manufactures these precision parts must have even higher levels of work precision, and only a manufacturer with exceptional technological expertise can make such equipment.

Nagase Integrex was the first in the world to develop hydrostatic guided machining equipment that can control precision down to one nano-meter (onebillionth of a meter). This equipment is used in a wide range of fields and contributes to the manufacture of parts, dies, blades and other items requiring precision machining. In each of the many fields covered, this equipment has given customers high levels of satisfaction.

For example, the mirror-like surface of a die created using this equipment actually has a number of 20-micrometer grooves cut into it that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The technology used to machine this die is used and has become indispensable in the manufacturing of the functional parts for LCD monitors and optical waveguides, as well as in the development of cellular telephones, which have been rapidly evolving in recent years.

In addition, the popularity of large liquid-crystal televisions and the high levels of integration and cost reductions in semiconductors have made precision manufacturing equipment both larger and more precise. Yet even while the level of high precision advances rapidly, our technology was the first in the world to obtain an error of only 0.8 micrometers in the machining of a flat 2,000 millimeter square surface area, as well as to machine a surface 3,000 millimeters in length with a precision error of one micron or less. Expressed another way, this remarkable precision would mean that an object the height of Mt. Fuji could be machined in a straight line with a distortion of less than approximately one millimeter. The proven machining precision of Nagase Integrex is also gaining the attention of the world in large-scale work too.

Customers' satisfaction is the only way we should follow.

The impetus in the realization of this technology is the strong desire to develop its original technology and take pride in monozukuri, the craft of manufacturing. The goal of Nagase Integrex can be stated quite simply as customer satisfaction. To provide this satisfaction, the company always tries to be ahead of its customers' needs and to anticipate the levels of precision required when they place new orders. Nagase Integrex is always aiming for new goals and will continue its march in the realm of precision.

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Company Profile

Company name
Head Office
1333-1 Atobe, Mugegawa-cho, Seki, Gifu 501-2697 Japan
Yukiyasu Nagase
35 million yen
4,660 million yen (FY to August 2004)
Business lines
Manufacture and sale of precision machine tools
Unique products, leading technologies, and (domestic) market product share
Ultra-precision forming-surface grinders (large column type), 90% (No. 1 share).
High-performance slicers (products for optical glass, ceramics and crystals), 90% (No. 1 share).
Balance measurement equipment, 40% (No. 1 share).

(All information and data are as of May 2005.)