The top manufacturer in Japan of rubber injection molding machines aiming at the World's topmost position


"Taking on challenges to make the impossible possible, we continue searching for solutions."

Toward the World number one position

Rubber products are used in many applications including rubber pads for automobiles and various industrial machines, electronic devices, and construction materials. Sanyu Industries is the top manufacturer in Japan of rubber injection molding machines used to produce such rubber products.

The company is on the leading edge of the industry, building on its customeroriented management system based not only on machine performance such as energy and space saving, easy operation, and high productivity, but also on its ability to propose automated systems including the pre and post-processes (for example, to reduce operator fatigue, to fit a mold with just the touch of button) and on its after-sales' services.
As the company's customers - the Japanese automobile manufacturers and parts makers-have started overseas operations, Sanyu has also opened offices in the U.S.A. and Thailand, plans to open an office in China in 2005 as well as a second office in the U.S.A. in 2006. Considerations are also underway to start overseas production itself, as the main intention of the company is aiming to become the World's top manufacturer of rubber injection molding machines.
As a next generation machine, Sanyu has developed a hybrid (hydro-electric) rubber injection machine that has better performance than hydraulic machines, for injection pressure and speed, that is ideal for precision molding. The company also carries out joint research with other manufacturers of rubber and plastic injection molding machines so as to work on the development of original products.

Unique products based on advanced technologies

Besides main products rubber injection molding machines, Sanyu produces a wide variety of other products including environmental equipment (composting and animal waste fermentation systems, sound arrestors and silencers), automated equipment (related to automobile production lines, industrial robots, automatic egg vendors, automatic fish filleters), and energy equipment (diesel generators as well as micro gas turbine generators). These products are delivered to customers in a fully integrated production system from design to development, manufacture, and installation.
What makes all this possible is Sanyu's advanced technologies and the knowhow it has developed so as to offer a variety of products to customers under the company's founding motto of "the integration of machinery and electricity." As well as the fact that although products may seem to have apparently nothing to do with each other, they can often share the common know-how that the company has gained over time.
Sanyu also supplies structural assembly and induction wire harnesses for aircraft, which is another illustration of how advanced the company's technologies are.

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Company Profile

Company name
Head Office
1360 Oaza Funatsu, Komaki, Aichi, 485-0073 Japan
Toshihiro Nobata
200 million yen
Overseas divisions
The U.S.A. (Ohio), Thailand (Bangkok), Indonesia
8,606 million yen(FY to December 2003)
Business lines
Manufacture of rubber injection molding machines, composting and animal waste fermentation systems, soundproofing systems, and generators.
Unique products, leading technologies, and (domestic) market product share
Rubber injection molding machines STI series, 40% (No. 1 share)
ISO14001 certification (2005)
ISO9001/2000 certification (1998)

(All information and data are as of May 2005.)